“Traditional music in China is played on solo instruments or in small ensembles… The scale is pentatonic… instruments are traditionally divided into categories based on their material of composition: skin, gourd, bamboo, wood, silk, earth/clay, metal and stone. Chinese orchestras traditionally consist of bowed strings, woodwinds, plucked strings and percussion.” (more from Wiki)

Song of Happiness (Zhejiang Chinese Orchestra)
江南丝竹: 欢乐歌 (浙江民族乐团)

By the Butterfly Lake (hulusi solo)
蝴蝶泉边 (葫芦丝独奏)

The Little Cowherd (Dizi: Yang, Lan)
小放牛 (笛子: 杨岚)

General’s Command (guzheng solo)
将军令 (古筝独奏)

Yu Bei Ballad (erhu: Yu, Hongmei)
豫北敍事曲 (二胡: 于红梅)

Sanmen Gorge Capriccio (erhu: Liu, Yusheng)
三门峡畅想曲 (二胡: 刘雨声)

Hundred Birds Worshipping The Phoenix (suona: Li, Guangcai)
百鸟朝凤 (唢呐: 李光才)

Guangling Melody (guqin: Zhang, Ziqian)
广陵散 (古琴: 张子谦)


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